About Tokni

Tokni is a Nordic software development company, and below is a brief description of our capabilities.

User Experience Design

In developing software, the first step is to uncover what the needs are and design the user experience. In Tokni, we strive to include the users in the whole software development process. We create prototypes together with the users, and use that as the main input for programing.



It is necessary to program in order to make the computers do what we want them to do. In Tokni we develop both interactive web solutions, apps, and backend systems. Our greatest experiences are in the area of learning games, decision support, and data visualizations, but we also have experiences in other areas.


Quality Assurance

All software can contain errors, and in order to increase the quality of computer systems, quality assurance is necessary. In Tokni we test everything we develop. This is done using test-driven development and to always write unit tests. In addition to that, we have the capabilities to manage the overall quality assurance process in larger projects.


Operations and Management

In order for a digital solution to succeed, the development process from idea to operations needs to be organized well. In Tokni we utilize both traditional project management and agile development methods, depending on the tasks. We also operate systems, both from a technical and an administrative angle. Moreover, we have experience with communication and dissemination of research and development results.